Starchart for Elite: Dangerous

The map can also be run locally, x64 Windows binaries are provided on the Bitbucket project page. New systems and information is added as it becomes available.


The map displays systems around the selected system in up to a 50 Ly radius. Systems known to have a station are displayed with a bold font. Systems outside your bubble with relation to the selected system are faded out.

Click on a system once to select it, this will show the system info under the search box, and show systems within jump range. Double click a system in the map or click the button to load the chart centered on this system.

Use the button to start route planning. The waypoints and the route itinerary is displayed above the main search box. The route will be displayed in the graphic using:


As of now no session data is stored on the server, all settings are stored locally using the local storage API of the browser.

Jump range and fuel capacity are always visible in the bottom right corner of the in-game outfitting interface, where you buy new equipment for your ship. Max fuel per jump is shown only when using the "compare" option on your frame shift drive, this means it works only, if the station has at least one frame shift drive for sale, so it's best to remember or write down when buying a new drive. This last value is an attribute of the frame shift drive in question, so it will not change if you swap out other parts of your ship, or fill up your cargo space.

Jump range alone is sufficient to calculate which systems are reachable. For fuel use calculation three other values are necessary: in addition to max fuel per jump and fuel capacity, the equally important exponent value for the ship drive in question. The exponent value is not shown in game, therefore is unavailable until someone spends the time to figure them out. This value means how much fuel is conserved when two or more shorter jumps are used to reach a destination instead of a single long jump. Not setting this value is safe: it will yield more fuel left in-game than calculated in the route planner, but this will result in paths using more jumps than necessary.

The meaning of routing options are below.

Old Beta 2 values for max fuel per jump and exponent value are listed in this table:

FSD ClassMax fuel per jumpExponent value
Class 20.62.00
Class 31.22.15
Class 42.02.30
Class 5?2.45
Class 6?2.60
Class 7?2.75
Class 848.5?2.90

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