Here you can set the routing and display parameters.

If you have a fuel scoop, all you need to set is the jump range, the other values will not be used.

For fuel use calculation you need to enter the max fuel per jump which is a parameter of your frame shift drive (FSD), and the total fuel capacity of the fuel tanks you have installed. These values can be found in the outfitting facility of the station, if it is available. Somewhat surprisingly a smaller max fuel per jump value for the same jump range is actually better, as this means in fact less fuel is needed for that jump. The exponent value is a mystical parameter of the FSD, and explains why a single long jump with a certain length uses more fuel in comparison with many short jumps having the same total length. The bigger the value the more fuel is saved taking short jumps. Currently it is assumed this value is based on the FSD size according to the following table (the alphabetic FSD class does not matter):

FSD classExponent value

For your safety the route planner uses the default value of 2.0 unless a bigger value is entered the Exponent value field.

Ship setup

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